It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

It’s both!  This past weekend I was fortunate enough to watch something I hadn’t seen in years…the Thunderbird’s Air Show!

Although it was INCREDIBLY hot (think thousands of barely dressed people all vying for 2 square feet of shade), it was worth the gallons of sweat lost.  Not only was I with great company, but the show took place on the shores of Lake Michigan in downtown Milwaukee.  You really can’t beat that view.  The show started 30 minutes late, but made up for it by sending six F-16’s straight over the crowd and giving everyone temporary hearing loss, allowing us to enjoy the 45-minute show without having to plug our ears.

The pilots performed all the fancy flying tricks you would expect, and more.  Flying diamonds, corkscrews, loops, dives, upside down and sideways…they even had one plane that was pointed up but moving forward – imagine the jet fuel burned on that stunt!  The grand finale included the Thunderbird’s signature “bomb burst” manuever, which is something to see if you never have.  Unfortunately, by sitting directly underneath the show you (or at least I) can’t help fearing the pilots and/or planes looping around and taking a giant nose-dive straight into the crowd…they get so close it’s hard not to.  Thankfully, the show was flawless and a true crowd-pleaser. 

courtesy of USA Today

And if you thought that an exhibit of such pure skill, power, and machinery could not possibly be topped, then you thought wrong.  My husband was equally – if not more – thrilled to watch and listen to a custom black-and-orange Porsche 911 leave the parking garage as we walked to our little Honda. 

Sorry, Thunderbirds.  He’s already moved on.