My home alone survival kit

I survived the week in my house alone.  May not have been pretty, but I did it.  For some, you may completely understand what I’m talking about.  For others, you may think, “this girl has the house to herself and she’s complaining about it?!  Just wait until she has kids – she’ll be begging for an empty house!”  But for me, a big, empty house is not a sacred, cherished gift from the heavens where I get the full reign of any room, control of the remote, exclusive access to the fridge, and all the covers.

No, a big, empty house is quiet, dark, lonely, and a lot to take care of for one person.  Plus, I rather enjoy the company of my husband and prefer having him around. 

So how did I do it?  I’m glad you asked.  Below are the elements of this week’s survival kit:

  • Riding lawn mower – Monday night was spent zipping around the yard mowing down the 10 foot tall grass that had grown up in one short week.
  • Neighbor’s yard rake – Tuesday night was dedicated to raking up said piles of grass.  Truthfully, this was probably worse than being alone in the house in the first place!  Just one day of leaving grass out in the yard provided the perfect opportunity for giant colonies of gnats and no-see-ems to congregate and attack when I disturbed their new nesting grounds.  Can you say bugs in the eyes, nose, ears, mouth…?
  • Bottle of shiraz…and white z – Not gonna lie, I may have had a few nightcaps each night.
  • Bike and helmet – Went on a great 27-miler with my biking group/ladies’ night friends.  Even better, we stopped at a tiki bar for cold one halfway through.
  • Volleyball – Although the game was at 9:30pm and I really didn’t even want to leave my secure house, I did anyway and had a great time.  We lost, but it was good for me to see all the people who were still out and about so late.
  • Nightstand – It may or may not have been pushed up against my bedroom door one or two nights this week…
  • Facebook – I hate to add this to the list, but if not for Facebook, I would’ve never joined a conversation about must-read books, been inspired to burn a lunch break at the library, paid off my $1 fine, or come home with 3 new hardcovers I can’t wait to crack open.
  • NyQuil – Not only did I have a terrible cold to battle (yes, in the middle of summer), but it also knocks you out pretty quick.
  • Study abroad photos – All I can say is, “Yay!” for Shutterfly’s custom path photo books!  I’ve procrastinated 5 years, but better late than never, right?
  • Roxie – not much of a talker, but a pretty good listener. 
  • Free baseball tickets – Although I missed all 5 runs in the bottom of the first, and waited for-ev-er for my Thirsty Thursday 20 ouncer, I enjoyed the great weather with great company.
  • Netflix – Discovered Mad Men, ’nuff said.

And there you have it, my home alone survival kit.  May not seem like much, but these things held me together for 5 days and 4 nights.  I’m still sick, but I’m alive, the dog’s alive, the house is still standing, the lawn looks halfway decent, and I’m ready to cook a nice ‘welcome home’ dinner for the hubby.  

Come on, 5 o’clock!